About Yoni

The story of Yoni

Thousands of years ago, women were worshipped as Deities and all men fell to their knees before the statues of Aphrodite, Venus, Ishtar, and Freya that were the incarnation of the Great Goddess, thus worshipping the divine femininity.

The worshippers and priests of the Great Goddess in almost all cultures and civilisations discovered Her sacrament, Her divine part, hidden in Yoni. Yoni is the main Tantric object of worship, also known as the vagina, divine femininity, and the personification of female power in nature. The Yoni symbol can be found throughout the world in all civilisations in all its forms.


Beer made in honour of women - the Order of Yoni

The priestess of the Order found deities among women, took their vaginal bacteria with respect - the Divine Sacrament, and combined them with water, malt, and yeast to create the first beer. This beer served as a new, secret sacrament provided by the Great Goddess herself, produced and drunk by her followers who founded the Order of Yoni. The task of the members of the Order was to accept her sacrament with respect.

Countless representations and influences of the Order of the Yoni can be found in history and its civilisations, for example, in Ancient Babylon the Sumerian Kings drank the "milk" of the Goddess, but in fact only the Order knew that these were lactic acid bacteria that came from Her reincarnation.

The influence of Yoni in the world

The branch of the Order in Ancient Greece worshipped Aphrodite - the deity of love, passion, pleasure, beauty, and finally - the deity of Yoni beer. During festivals in honour of Aphrodite, members of the Order drank Ambrosia - a fruit beer made of Lactobacillus bacteria from her reincarnations, also known as the Nectar. It is believed that Aphrodite was born in the foam of the sea. We see a visible influence in the Order, where the foam symbolises the froth of the sacred infusion.

In Medieval and Renaissance Europe, the Yoni drink was very popular. One of the Order's greatest Masters was Leonardo da Vinci. His main goddess was Mona Lisa, also known as Giaconda. Before painting her portrait, Leonardo collected her Lactobacillus to brew the holy Yoni.

Based on the story of Yoni, we decided to bring Yoni beer back to our times as well, so that consumers could go on a divine journey with Our Goddesses.


Cooperation with the foundation

Femininity is divine and all women should be treated with respect and reverence. Not only do we adore femininity through the sacramental infusion, but also with the development of distribution chains, we want to help women by supporting charitable trusts. We donate a percentage of our income to various charities, including Kwiat Kobiecości - a Polish charity that supports women in the treatment and prevention of cervical cancer and other diseases typical of women.

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