Woman’s essence beer

Our concept

Thousands of years ago, women were worshipped as Deities, and all men fell on their knees before them to adore the divine femininity in this way.
Today we, the women and men of the Order of Yoni, continue to worship femininity by honouring the modern incarnations of the Great Goddess.

We devote a lot of time to searching for such a woman, who has all the desired instincts, the Goddess we wanted to put in a bottle.
Phenomenal and wonderful women have kindly allowed us, their worshippers, to draw the sacramental Yoni with respect - vaginal lactic acid bacteria. This process turns beer into a next-generation intimate experience, creating a link between every sip of beer and a phenomenal, stunning woman.

Using this sacrament, we brew the holy Yoni beers, which contain a special part of our Goddesses, then we close the beer in a bottle so that the consumer can go on a sensual journey with their chosen Goddess.
The labels on the bottles peel off - and there are secrets underneath them that will make the road to tasting Yoni beer more realistic.


The process of collecting bacteria

We devote a lot of time to looking for a woman who has all the desired instincts, the Goddess we want to put in a bottle.

We discovered the process of transmitting female essence by isolating lactic acid bacteria from sensuous women - Pauline (brunette), Monica (blonde), Patricia (blonde).

The gynaecologist collects a vaginal smear from the models. These smears are taken to a laboratory where bacteria are isolated, cleaned, then analysed and multiplied. At the end of the process, the bacteria are used to produce the pure lactic acid that goes into Yoni beer.

Process and safety

An essential part of this process is to ensure the safety of our product. During isolation, the material is tested for the absence of other bacteria and viruses.

These procedures prevent other bacteria and viruses from surviving, thus allowing the growth of only Lactobacillus bacteria. Once again, in terms of certainty and safety, a final test of the propagated lyophilised bacteria is carried out before use in the preparation of the material.

Lyophilized bacteria are tested for the presence of foreign DNA and / or RNA. This ensures that only Lactobacillus bacteria are used, and it is completely safe and healthy.


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