Our Story, Our Name, Our Symbol

The “yoni” means ”vagina” in Sanskrit language. It is also the symbol of Hindu Goddess. Yoni in combination with its male counterpart symbolizes the process of creation. The Order’s founding mothers and fathers discovered that the combination of woman’s vaginal lactobacillus bacteria with yeast is a reincarnation of the harmony between female and male elements. They also discovered that the vaginal bacteria transfer woman’s character and instincts into a beer. To keep this in secret, they established the Order of Yoni, and the beer started to be the Order’s highest sacrament.

What is important, during the birth, vaginal lactobacillus bacteria pass from vagina to the newborn, starting to be part of the child’s immune system. That is why the vaginal lactobacillus also symbolize life and health. For the Order’s Masters, brewing the beer is a tribute to this sacred process, to the timeless harmony between a human and the bacteria.

“Yoni” it is not only the secret, not only the name of vagina, but also, it is the symbol. Modern reincarnation of yoni symbol bases on the saint sculpture of Yoni from Cát Tiên sanctuary in Vietnam.

Our Bottle

Besides the drawing of a beautiful woman, it has our Yoni logo, our name The Order of Yoni, name of the beer (Bottled Instinct) and the name of our wonderful model (Alexandra Brendlova). XI ‘15 means that we have taken her vaginal swab in the November of 2015.

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