Imagine a woman of your dreams, your object of desire. Her charm, her sensuality, her passion… Try her taste, feel her smell, hear her voice… Imagine her massaging you passionately and whispering into your ear everything you want. Now free your fantasies and imagine that with a magic wand you can close it in one bottle of beer. The golden drink brewed with her lure and grace, flavored with instincts. Imagine the beer of which every sip is a randez-vous with this hot woman of your dreams… she hugs you and kiss you gently looking straight into your eyes… How much would you give for that beer?

We, the Order of Yoni, have prepared technology making creation of such unique beer possible. The beer containing a quintessence of femininity. The technology enabling materializing her loveliness, gracefulness and character, giving you the possibility of conversion of a tasty beer into a date with real goddess.

The secret of the beer lies in her vagina. Using hi-tech of microbiology, we isolate, examine and prepare lactic acid bacteria from vagina of a unique woman. The bacteria, lactobacillus, transfers woman’s features, allure, grace, glamour and her instincts into beers and other products, turning them into a dance with lovely angel.

For couples, we have a luxurious proposition of new generation intimacy. By using modern technology, you will push the limits and try completely new experience in the relationship. You can order a unique product we will prepare especially for you, the product based on your or your partner’s vagina – 4 grams of lactobacillus bacteria isolated from her vagina and prepared to make food. This can be an extravagant gift containing your essence or just a new adventure for both of you. It will enable you to prepare a special dish, you will also be able to try homemade kefir or yoghurt prepared with her taste.


Our financial goal is 150,000 EUR. It will enable us brewing 6 batches of ca. 16600 beers each. It includes the brewing itself, ingredients, bottles’ decorations, model’s reward, budget for the perks and a safety limit in case of change of the EUR/PLN exchange rate.


We have prepared many of great perks, including beers and gadgets. Beers are mainly for the EU and the USA contributors, we would like to offer them to the contributors from other countries, but it depends on potential cooperation with importers from the countries – we highly encourage the importers and distributors from other countries to write us on Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.. Beers will be delivered in the EU within 2 months after achieving the goal and brewing the beer. Within the USA, the beer delivery can take 6 months more. The rest of the world – it depends on the response of the importers.

Besides beers, we have many of gadgets, like glass, beer-opener, posters and calendars with the model, etc. The gadgets we will deliver in the whole world within 2 months after the end of the campaign.

The delivery of beer will take place via collection points, stores and online stores that will be enlisted on our website, and – within the EU – via courier services. We encourage more stores and online stores to take part in this action, we can guarantee it will be financially profitable, besides you will have a great advert. Feel free to contact us on Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.. If you would like to have such collection point in your city, in your beloved beer store or alcohol store, ask the store owner, maybe he will be interested in taking part.

The delivery of the gadgets, glasses, etc., will take place via collection points and courier services in the whole world.


It’s not about one beer, but the wider idea. The surplus will help is in creation of future products. Our next beers, with a different model’s yoni each, include:

  1. BDSM ale – sour ale made with smoked plums and vaginal lactic acid bacteria of red-head or brunette
  2. Blond ale made with wheat malt, saffron and edible gold, with vaginal lactic acid bacteria of a blond-haired model or celebrity
  3. Aphrodisia / Dionysia – wheat ale made with ancient strains of wheat, grape juice
  4. Mona Lisa – brown sour ale with wooden chips, the tribute to the famous piece of art
  5. Isis – Sour ancient wheat ale with roses
  6. Cleopatra – Milk stout regarding to Cleopatra’s milk baths
  7. Lady Godiva – sour ale with English hops

And many, many of other great beers with other beautiful models…

Production of that beers highly depends on your current contributions and making whole action viral. Also, we would like to produce other yoni products, drinks, libido drinks, kefirs, yogurts. Again, the realization of the idea depends on your contribution.

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