Delicate, amber champagne wheat beer enriched with Paulina’s Essence and sprinkled with a note of coriander and exotic aframmon, which together with champagne yeast offer a unique taste.

Models Beer

A combination of angelic appearance and diabolical temperament. Brave, feisty, and immodest. The embodiment of the most daring dreams. Her self-confidence and phenomenal beauty make it impossible to treat her indifferently. The aroma of her intriguing body captured in this amber drink will allow you to rise up to the heights of fantasy.

Amber Sour Belgian-style Wheat Ale with Champagne Yeast

Unfiltered, pasteurized

Alcohol volume: 4%

Plato: 11

Indegriends: Water, Barley Malts, Wheat Malt, Coriander, Hops, Aframonum Melegueta, Champagne Yeast Lalvin EC-1118, Lactic Acid

Bottle volume: 330ml

Shelf life: 15 months

Production time: 1 month

Packaging: 20 beers per box, 66 boxes (1320 beers) per pallet