Essence of Amouranth

Series of vaginal products. Experience Amouranth’s sensuality, passion, and charm with every sip of her signature beverages – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. Her yoni lactobacillus isolated from her vagina was used in the production process of the beer and the potion.

Pale champagne wheat ale containing the Essence of Amouranth. Her Essence, lactic acid made from her vaginal lactobacillus, together with bitter orange peel, coriander, and champagne yeast create an exceptional symphony of flavour. Beer in the style of Witbier de Champagne, with 11.5 ° Plato extract, 5.8% alcohol content. 330ml.

Non-alcoholic drink containing lactic acid made from Amouranth’s vaginal lactobacillus and ingredients selected by her. Perfect for sipping on its own or mixing into vodka cocktails.


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