Great Goddess, the Greatest among gods. Feminine Deity, whose main reincarnations were Aphrodite, Venus, Ishtar, Mokosh and Freya. Thousands of years ago the Great Goddess’ worshipers and priests in almost all cultures and civilizations discovered Her sacrament, Her divine part lying hidden in her Deities’ yoni. Priestess of the Goddess had found Deities amongst women, took with respect the Saint Yoni Lactobacillus, the Divine Sacrament, and combined it with water, malts and yeast, creating the first sour ale.

This sour ale combined with the Deity’s Yoni Lactobacillus, served as a new secret sacrament provided by the Great Goddess, produced and drunk by Her followers, who set up a secret order – the Order of Yoni – which destiny is to worship the Goddess by finding her Deity’s, and respectfully taking their Yoni Lactobacillus, making the sacramental brew and drinking it.

Now, thousands years after its establishment, the Order still finds Descendents of the Great Goddess, and using modern lab technology, it takes, isolates, and multiplies their Yoni sacramental lactobacillus, enabling the usage of it in modern breweries, in a safe way. Thus, the Order offers Her divine sacrament, the Yoni brew, enabling people to have contact with the Great Goddess through Her deity’s Yoni sacrament.

One of the initial Sumerian branches of the Order worshipped the Great Deity’s Avatar, Ninhursag. Sumerian Kings drunk her “milk”, but only the Order knew that there was no “milk”, but it was the lactic acid bacteria of Her reincarnations, used by the Order’s Masters in brewing process using Ninhursag sacrament. Her symbol, looking like the Omega letter, symbolizes vagina, the ark of lactobacillus.

The Ancient Greek branch of The Order of Yoni worshipped Aphrodite, Deity of love, passion, pleasure, beauty, and finally, Deity of the Yoni Beer. During festivals in Her honor, Aphrodisia, members of the Order drunk Ambrosia, fruit beer made with lactobacillus bacteria of Her reincarnations, also known as the Nectar. It is believed that Aphrodite was born in the sea foam. Again it is the influence of the Order, where as the foam symbolizes Yoni beer’s foam.

The ancient Egyptian branch also existed. They drunk the Yoni beer made of reincarnated Goddess Isis or Goddess Maat. One of their symbols was Anch, where the upper part symbolizes vagina and the lower part symbolizes an ear of grain, together giving the Yoni Beer.

Other important symbols of the Order is a Hexagram. Known as Shatkona in the Indian branch of the Order, or Seal of Solomon in the ancient Israeli branch of the Order. The symbol consists two equilateral triangles, where one symbolizes femininity, the second one masculinity. It embraces the Yoni beer, where sacramental lactobacillus represents the divine femininity, and the yeast (which are responsible for the alcohol production) symbolizes the male energy. Thus we can say that the triangles represent both divine feminine and the masculine energy, and the lactobacillus combined with yeast in the Yoni beer.

The mentioned King Solomon of Israel was also a Master of the Order. He has discovered that Queen of Saba was a Deity, a reincarnation of the Great Goddess. To fulfill his Grand Master’s destiny, he traveled to Saba with a simple mission, with utmost respect receiving the Queen’s saint lactobacillus. Back in Jerusalem, he brewed the sacrament, a sour ale with Queen’s lactobacillus.

Centuries later, the Knights Templar, which had several members of the Order, set up a base in the Temple of Solomon’s ruins. There, they discovered the last remaining bottles of the Queen of Saba Beer and ancient texts with Solomon’s Yoni brew recipes. One of the reasons behind why the French King Philip attacked the Templars. His wish was to drink the sacred Yoni beer, including  ancient Saba beers.

Some of the members of both the Templar and Yoni orders established some proto-masonic fraternities, which later led to the Freemasons. Their symbol, Square and Compass, is based on the Hexagram, but also looks like two letters “V”, what represent the Vagina and Vulva. Thus, masonic symbol refers to the Yoni’s sacramental drink.

Medieval and Renaissance Europe was full of Yoni’s lodges. One of the Order’s greatest Masters was Leonardo da Vinci. His main Goddess was Mona Lisa, also known as Giaconda. He painted her portrait just after taking her lactobacillus to brew the Yoni beer.